This Week in Diversity: Jobs, Groups, and Cakes

I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as I did! Now, we’re back with another batch of diversity-related links.

Last month’s job report was an improvement, but the recession is still keeping employment just a dream for many. Also keeping dreams of employment from becoming reality? Race, even now. The New York Times brings us an exploration of the difficulties faced by even college educated African Americans. Postbourgie responds with some points on the issues faced by college educated professional black women, and the unfortunate tendency to assume that black men’s experiences are representative of all black people.

And on that theme of different groups of minorities, Love Isn’t Enough brings us an anecdote of a member of one minority group ignoring the discrimination faced by a member of another, and reminds us all that we should all care when anyone is discriminated against, not only when it’s someone just like us.

What was the most popular boys’ name in New York City last year? Jayden. The most popular boys’ name in NYC among blacks and Hispanics? Jayden. Whites? Daniel. City Room has a fascinating look at baby names and demographics.

It may be counterintuitive, but overly perfect portrayals of minorities can be as pernicious as negative portrayals. One American Indian blogger takes a close look at the portrayal of natives in Twilight and her own mixed feelings.

Lastly, we turn to CakeWrecks for another problematic portrayal of Native Americans, A Whiter Shade of Pale:

Now that’s in bad taste. Pun intended.

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