This Week in Diversity: A Miscellany

Friday afternoon: time to read up on diversity around the web! This week we have a rather miscellaneous batch of links for you, so dig in.

Ah, Hollywood, will you never stop provoking discussion on race in casting? Not this week, certainly. Racialicious looks at the Screen Actor’s Guild’s annual diversity research and explains why the state of minorities in major acting roles is worse than the numbers suggest.

It’s never easy for a kid who looks noticeably different from his or her peers, and recent research is showing just how hard it is for children who are adopted across race lines.

Speaking of kids, we’ve been talking about learning languages and preserving languages in younger generations. New research is showing that language acquisition starts even earlier than we thought: during pregnancy. So start talking to those baby-bumps in all the languages you want the baby to speak!

This Veteran’s Day, some much-deserved praise and acknowledgment was given to the Navajo Code Talkers, Navajo veterans who used their language during World War II as a code, which was never broken. The words of these veterans helped win the war.

And lastly, Sesame Street just turned forty years old—and that’s forty years of diversity and discussion shaping generations.