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Poll: Picture Books with Same-Sex Parents

We’re all about diversity here at Lee & Low, and we know that diversity means more than just race. It’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, and we’re wondering what our readers would think about picture books portraying the growing number of families led by same-sex parents—would you buy or review picture books featuring same-sex parents, whether for your library, classroom, kids, or personal collection?

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Holiday Traditions

Winter brings with it a slew of holidays, and most of us have holiday traditions—for holidays we celebrate and, in many cases, for those we don’t. (I am Jewish and do not celebrate Christmas, but woe betide any who come between me and my Christmas Eve French Onion Soup, a tradition my family inherited from a French exchange student). Our authors and illustrators have shared their holiday traditions and memories, and now it’s your turn!

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Poll of the Week: What Do You Look For in a Book

Howard Thurman readingI was talking to a friend recently about why we read. When she reads a book, she’s looking for plot: a good story that grabs her and pulls her headlong through the book. When her boyfriend reads, he’s looking for interesting use of language and, most of all, characters: realistic, interesting people whose psychological depths are plumbed. There isn’t much overlap in their favorite books; not because one of them has bad taste in books, but because they want something very different out of the books they read.

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