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The Diversity Gap in Children’s Book Publishing, 2017

Last month, the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC) released its statistics on the number of children’s books by and about people of color published in 2016. Two years after the founding of We Need Diverse Books, the issue of diversity in children’s books continues to gain traction and media attention; it is the topic of panels, conferences, training sessions, and studies.

But is it all making a difference?

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More Diverse than You Thought?

Maybe you’ve seen this before. Maybe you haven’t. But, if we were to shrink the population of the world to 100 people while still maintaining the ratios of today, this is what our little village would look like:

61 Asians

12 Europeans

5 US Americans and Canadians

8 Latin Americans

14 Africans

51 would be male, 49 would be female

82 would be non-white; 18 white

67 would be non-Christian; 33 would be Christian

80 would live in substandard housing

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