How to Read a Poem Aloud, Part 5

Well, Poetry Month is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop reading poetry to your kids! Poet/Anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins provides our final tip of the month. Check out his advice as well as his anthology, Amazing Faces. “The best way to read poetry aloud:  Just do it.  Read poetry aloud […]

How to Read a Poem Aloud, Part 4

As Spring finally appears to be arriving and April is swiftly fleeting away, Guadalupe Garcia McCall shares some advice about reading poetry- and adding your own passion into that reading. A published poet in more than twenty literary journals, McCall’s first book, Under the Mesquite, will be released by LEE & LOW in Fall 2011. […]

How To Read A Poem Aloud, Part 3

April is flying by, but there is still plenty of time for poetry tips from our Lee & Low poets! This one is from Anastasia Suen who has published a whole plethora of titles with Lee & Low, most in our Bebop imprint. Her works include What Do You See at the Pond?, Pencil Talk […]

How to Read a Poem Aloud, Part 2

Some more advice from our LEE & LOW poets! This piece of wisdom is from award-winning author Marilyn Singer. Her first Lee & Low title, A Full Moon Is Rising, is expected later this spring. Some great advice from a woman who really knows poetry! “My parents knew that reading to their kids was important.  […]


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