Lulu Delacre on Transitioning from Illustrator to Author

Lulu Delacre, author and illustrator of How Far Do You Love Me, shares tips on transitioning from illustrator to author.

How to Plan a Successful Book Launch: Storytelling and Activity Ideas

Tips for authors and illustrators on how to plan storytelling and activities for bookstore appearances from author/illustrator Christy Hale.

How to deal with negative criticism, the Maurice Sendak way

Came across a link today to a terrific interview with the late, great Maurice Sendak. Authors and illustrators often wonder what the best way is to deal with negative criticism of their books, so I thought I’d share Mr. Sendak’s first-rate advice: Interviewer: What kinds of things do children write to you about? Maurice Sendak: […]

Betsy Lewin Shares: How to Draw a Puffin

Ever been working on something – a report, a shopping list, a letter to your pen-pal – and thought to yourself, there’s just something missing here? The answer is: a puffin! Since the first day we began working on Puffling Patrol, everyone in the office has been crazy for these endearingly strange-looking birds (new office […]


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