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Ask an Editor: Villain POVs

Tu Books editor and publisher Stacy Whitman discusses writing and reading the villain POV in a story.

Is My Character “Black Enough”? Advice on Writing Cross-Culturally

Tu Books Publisher and Editorial Director Stacy Whitman shares advice on writing cross-culturally for an author who wonders, “Is my character black enough?”

Where can I find great diverse children’s books?

Looking for more diverse children’s books but can’t find any at the bookstore? Here are some good places to start.

Publishing Advice: Pitching, Querying, and ‘We don’t know how to market this’

Tu Books Publisher Stacy Whitman and author Joseph Bruchac offer advice to writers on pitching, querying, and finding the right readers.

10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-Culturally

Ten great resources for authors writing outside their own cultures.

Advice on Getting Published from a YA Editor and Author, Part I

Author Joseph Bruchac and Publisher Stacy Whitman share advice on writing and getting published.

Literary Agents Discuss the Diversity Gap in Publishing

Literary agents make up a big part of the publishing machine. Most publishers no longer consider unsolicited submissions, so an agent is a must if you even want to get your foot in the door. Each year, agents review many promising manuscripts and portfolios so it is safe to say they have a good sense of who makes up the talent pool of children’s book publishing. So what kind of diversity are agents seeing?

True or False? Multicultural Books Don’t Sell

As an independent bookseller, former school librarian, and lifelong avid reader, I crave the day when publishing lists are as diverse and rich as the playgrounds of our nation, and the conversation about representations of diversity in children’s literature is as unnecessary as the question of whether or not women should vote.

Lulu Delacre on Transitioning from Illustrator to Author

Lulu Delacre, author and illustrator of How Far Do You Love Me, shares tips on transitioning from illustrator to author.

How to Set Up a Skype Author Visit

How to set up a virtual visit with an author or illustrator for your book club, library, or classroom.


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