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Lee & Low Likes… Djuan Trent

Lee & Low likes…the first beauty pageant contestant to openly come out as queer, Djuan Trent.

Where can I find great diverse children’s books?

Looking for more diverse children’s books but can’t find any at the bookstore? Here are some good places to start.

The 86th Annual Academy Awards Wins for Diversity

How did the 2014 Academy Awards do diversity-wise? LEE & LOW BOOKS takes a look.

10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-Culturally

Ten great resources for authors writing outside their own cultures.

Book List: 13 Funny Middle Grade Books with Diverse Characters

A list of diverse middle grade humor books that are written by an author of color and/or feature a main character of color.

Why Multicultural Books Are For Everyone

On The Book Smugglers, we discuss why publishing diverse books is still important, and why they’re meant for all readers.

10 Great Resources for Teaching About Racism

Here are 10 great resources for teaching about race and diversity issues in the classroom.

A More Diverse Appendix B

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge shares a multicultural supplement to the Common Core’s Appendix B list.

Happy Friday, Happy Developments

A lot of the time, discussions about diversity, racial equality, and pop culture can be disheartening. A quick look at Racebending or Racialicious is a good reminder of how far we still have to go when it comes to respecting all cultures, especially in the media. But sometimes, good things happen. People and companies take […]

Race in Advertising

From time to time, race issues pop up in advertising. Race is a tricky subject in advertising because common approaches tend to reinforce racial stereotypes and rub people the wrong way if not handled with care.


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