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A Win for Diversity in the News

LEE & LOW BOOKS covers our favorite diversity-related news stories.

Thoughts on Ferguson and Recommended Resources

A note from the publisher of LEE & LOW BOOKS on the events in Ferguson, Missouri and why they matter.

ALA 2014 Recap: Diversity All Around

LEE & LOW BOOKS recaps the ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Cultural Travels in Korea

Tu Books publisher Stacy Whitman documents her trip to South Korea.

How to Deal with a Racist Remark

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about being called a racial slur in my hometown. The post generated a lively discussion. As a follow-up, we decided to put together a flow chart that illustrates possible courses of action a person might take when an unfortunate incident like this occurs. While choosing to turn and walk away is always an option, those on the receiving end of racism are fully aware that these incidents are upsetting, and sometimes it makes sense to stand up for yourself and others.

Where’s the Diversity? The Tony Awards Looks in the Mirror

Since the Tony Awards will be presented on June 9, 2013, we decided to collect some data to see if a diversity gap exists in the theater. See our infographic below. While we cannot claim expertise in other fields outside of children’s books, we were fortunate to receive valuable insight from playwright/actor Christine Toy Johnson, who has spent the last fifteen years conducting dialogue with the entertainment industry to increase diversity in the theater and beyond.

First Book, Stories for All Project Chooses LEE & LOW

In a groundbreaking announcement, First Book, a non-profit social enterprise launched the Stories for All project. The project’s aim is to introduce a significant number of multicultural books into the hands of low-income children. LEE & LOW was chosen as one of two publishers to be a part of this endeavor and receive a $500,000 award.

Where Are All the People of Color In Downton Abbey?

My wife is a serious Downton Abbey fan, so as a result I have been following the show too. Downton packs a lot into forty-five minutes. I enjoy the period touches and the constant habit the English have of not being physically capable of communicating openly about well, everything. What is fascinating is how the show is placed in the context of history when change (World War I, economic concerns, women’s suffrage, the roaring twenties) is being forced on the Abbey whether the people there are ready for it or not.

Seven Inspirational Speeches and Why They Matter

I was watching President Barack Obama’s re-election speech last week and it got me thinking about speeches—how historically, great speeches really matter. Speeches are like placeholders to mark significant milestones in history.

Cultural Travels in Cambodia and Vietnam

This past summer I took a trip to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Trips that take in a different culture firsthand are a great way to broaden one’s perspective as a citizen of the world. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope these photos give you a glimpse of what my trip was like.


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